Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Contest of the Year... and the Jambo

Next weekend I'm cooking in the "BBQ Bailout" contest.  My plan yesterday was to cook a practice session in order to be ready for the competition.  But practicing for an informal, practice competition? That seemed like overkill... plus the couch looked comfortable, I had a six of nugget nectar and Godfather I & II on the DVR.

I've had a few future Jambo owners and enthusiasts email me asking for more pictures of the new Pit and its inner workings.  I'll take a bunch of pics at the Bailout this coming weekend, in the meantime here are a few more (note that the Jambo is garaged and my Jeep sits in the driveway, especially if there is an ice storm)...

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ULIKA BBQ said...

I would love to try that Nugget Nectar. Imperial Ales are great, but I don't have much selection in Nashville. All high alc. beers have to be sold at liquor stores so not many places carry them.