Thursday, June 4, 2009

Defunct Blog

Clearly I'm breaking the golden rule of blogging which is 'one must post frequent updates'.

If I can't overcome my laziness I may have to close up shop here. Some random thoughts:
  • A few teams that took my BBQ Cooking Class at the Harpoon Brewery have been doing really well on the circuit so far this year. I hope the strong showings among the class members continues. I can't take the credit but I hope they learned a few valuable tricks in the class
  • The Roc Rib Fest has one of the best locations of any contest I have attended. I'll be back at that contest for sure
  • The BBQ/Bourbon Dinner I'm guest chefing for at Tremont 647 is sold out
  • I cooked ribs twice at the Roc City Rib Fest. Once for the Rib Cookoff, once for the KCBS contest. I did lousy in the Rib Cookoff. For KCBS I changed one thing, cooked 'em more... the result? 1st place
  • I'm starting to get the hang of the Jambo Pit. Chicken, Ribs and Pork are all very good. I have not been able to cook brisket as well as I did on the Backwoods Smoker yet. Sounds like a practice project for this weekend is in order
  • 2009 NEBS Team of the Year competition is shaping up to be a battle with a lot of teams in play
  • Tremont 647 was reviewed by the Globe. It hasnt been reviewed since I was the General Manager there many moons ago
  • Next stop on the competition circuit is Merrimack NH.


jeff said...

The great thing about having google reader is that it takes nothing to keep tabs on a blog, even with infrequent posts.

at roc city, I think I came to the same rib realization you did. I got to stop being such a wimp and cook the f'ers. I know how to get them tender, I just got to stop worrying about over cooking them. foil is my friend.

btw-congrats on the call

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Don't give up so easily. Blogging takes a while before it becomes routine.

Post shorter items, but do it more regularly. You'll get the rhythm.

Don't stop. I enjoy your blog.

Stephen said...

We did not attend your class, but would love to attend your next one at any location and time. Do you have one linned up?