Monday, January 26, 2009

More on the Jambo Pit Road Trip

After a few stops in CT  we headed onto Hagerstown MD.  And dined at Schmankerl Stube a very nice authentic Bavarian restaurant.  Food-wise there were some hits and misses.  The Beer was very fresh (got to love a place that serves 5 Liter glasses of beer) and the Pork Shank was just awesome... super tender with nice cracklins which we dipped in house made mustards... it was almost the size of a picnic shoulder!

The next morning at 5am we found a local Amish market, but unfortunately the stand that sold fresh churned butter (the main thing we wanted) was not yet open...

Along 81 in Virginia we found a great hot dog joint Skeeters... great chili dogs and I liked "the works" which had onion, mustard, cheese sauce, chili and slaw.  I enjoyed three of these (or was it four?) 

After taking delivery on our new Jambo Pit in Knoxville TN (I'll add a separate post on that)  we headed east across North Carolina and stopped in Lexington and ate at Lexington #1 and the Barbecue Center.  I love the simplicity of NC style BBQ... basically pork, salt, vinegar and oak/hickory.  The pork was better at #1 which had a wonderful smoky flavor where the BBQ Center was a bit blander.   BBQ Center may have had the better hushpuppy.  We ordered an extra pound of pork and a couple orders of hushpuppies to go and ate that for breakfast in the car ride home.

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