Monday, May 19, 2008

Grip and Rip

Fixing a Competition BBQ recipe can be a lot like working on your golf swing. With golf, there is a lot you can think about... chin up, bend knees, adjust grip, point right elbow at right hip etc. Problem is you can end up feeling like a pretzel up on the tee box. Sometime you're just better off keeping it simple... grip and rip.

Same deal with competition bbq... its easy to add things to your recipe... a new injection, a finishing rub, a glaze, wrap in foil... wrap in foil with a second marinade. As with a golf swing your competition recipe can get off track with too many adjustments.

So when I got thinking about how to improve my pork recipe, instead of thinking about what to add, I thought about what to remove. Here are the results of this weekend cook session where I focused on stripping everything away except for just a couple of ingredients. Was pretty tasty and I thought competition worthy.

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