Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning, Snowshoe, Trophies

Sunday was spent on yard work, planting some flowers, re-organizing the Jambo condo (the garage), and cleaned up the Big Green Egg.  The Egg, as you can see from the photos below, really needed it!   At the end of the beautiful spring day, in typical New England fashion, it snowed.

Saturday was productive as well.  We cooked one of our favorite events, the Snowshoe.  There was a bunch of new teams competing in addition to some traveling teams from the NYC area.   We did well breaking our grilling drought with a Reserve Grand Champion call, missed GC by .5 points!   I'm not sure we did anything differently, maybe we just had a lucky day.

Gary and Michelle Taft have done an excellent job growing this event and featuring some nice fundraisers for the local community.  This year they kicked it up another notch by adding custom snowshoe trophies.  This adds so much to an event.  Any contest organizers that happen to read this blog - customize your trophies!  Those bowling trophies don't cut it.   I'd bet that the snowshoe trophies didn't cost THAT much more than the standard bowling trophy, it just took a contest organizer to invest a bit more time and creativity into the event.  It adds so much to the event in my opinion, it goes a long way for the competition teams and I'm sure adds some interest for the visiting public when they see a nice set of custom trophies on display.  Harpoon, GuitarBeQue are other examples of great custom trophies at Northeast contests.  In lieu of more prize money a custom trophy is a great way to get teams to want to cook your event.


WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Ah custom trophies. Much easier said then done. I really admire the Tafts for the job they've done.

Any ideas on a custom trophy for Brooklyn?

I QUE said...

Well thats blogging ain't it... a lot of talking....

At Jakes Rib Wars last year they had trophies that were cans of PBR. Maybe you could do that with your beer sponsor. Ask Gary @ pigtrip for a picture if that is something that would work... a fairly common custom trophy is laser engraved cutting boards.