Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Troy, Harpoon

OK, back to blogging. I've been busy with vacation and cooking a couple of contests. Troy, NY was a great first year contest right on the Hudson. We had a great time cooking next to our friends Lakeside Smokers. The results were good, we cooked some killer ribs and took Grand Champion. There were some nice payouts that will fund this crazy hobby for a bit longer.

Troy Article

Harpoon was a great time as always. We had a our full team, a double site, and had a great weekend vending. Competition? Well lets just say the judges and I disagreed. I was very pleased with our entries. One take-away thought I had was so many teams are cooking in a similar fashion its getting harder to standout. I think I saw a Backwoods Smoker and a bottle of Blues Hog sauce at almost every contest site at Harpoon. ;-)

I have couple ideas of how to shake things up that I'm going to try in August, stay tuned.

Next up, New Paltz!

Chicken Entry, Lamb Entry, Ethan rocking the cheesy fries....

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