Friday, September 19, 2008

Brisket Hunting

Well those of us with off-beat hobbies often find ourselves doing things that are, well, slightly sad and pathetic.

The movie 'Best in Show' comes to mind.

My obsessive-compulsive activity is brisket hunting.

Instead of spending a Saturday afternoon playing golf, or relaxing on my lunchbreak at work I'm out stalking my favorite markets (the locations of which I cannot reveal) for the perfect brisket.

Not all briskets are created equal. The main characteristics I'm looking for are even, thick briskets with a good fat cap. A lot of briskets are thick on one side and then thin on the other, which in my opinion are almost worthless when it comes to competition bbq. There are a few other things I look for, but I'll get into that in detail in my upcoming competition bbq cooking class. ;-)

I have three more events to cook this year, American Royal Invitational, American Royal Open, and the Jack Daniels Invitational. So I've been on the hunt for six perfect briskets for those events. I found two really good ones recently (yeah, Restaurant Depot is one of the stops on my hunting trail).


julie said...

chris, i was talking this weekend about how we should really do a mockumentary about bbq. perhaps we can interview you. good luck with the brisket hunt! -julie b.

Ted Lorson said...

Funny that I have never gotten a single call with a brisket from Restaurant Depot. Obviously many others have but it is really strange that I get calls with briskets bought in other places but never RD. Even though their prices are good Westport was my last RD brisket...

I QUE said...

1st place brisket at the Am Royal last year Ted courtesy of Rest Depot.

BlueMule said...

You're hosting a class? Do tell...when and where?